Wednesday 10 November 2010


Hair transplants are now becoming more popular in the world over and in recent times they have proved to be of much better value. Considering the great demand many leading hair transplant clinics are now performing larger surgical sessions. This has proved to be beneficial to the patient in cost-effectiveness and also in providing thicker and fuller results.

Male Pattern Baldness:

Over the last 50 years a great amount of experiments have been conducted on hair transplants or hair restorations. It was mainly focussed on methods of battling the various baldness patterns in males. This experimental procedure featured removing balding-resistant hair follicles, which are mainly found on the back or the side of the head and placing these follicles in areas which has lost most amounts of hair.

The results of this experiment showed that it was the follicle itself which created the balding; and not the location of the follicle. Thus the solution proved to be that by moving the healthy-hair growing follicle to bald areas through a hair-transplant, baldness in men was greatly reduced.

The Causes of Male Baldness:

There can be many causes for male hair loss. One of the most common reasons is genetics. It is a common phenomenon in some families. Some of the other reasons could be immense stress, physical trauma and scarring and medication.

Pattern baldness could be due to physical or emotional stress, dietary imbalances or deficiencies, prescriptions or other medications, metabolic imbalances to your body, illnesses, chemotherapy or radiation treatment and external damage to the hair. External damage could be due to poor quality of hair products, burns, sun and excessive chemicals.

Costs in the UK:

In recent years hair restoration has turned out to be of a better value. It has not only improved in quality, but has also come down in costs. Another reason for the drop in costs is because of the increased competition and the facility of online shopping. Hair transplants in the UK will often depend on the kind of treatment and the amount of hair that needs to be grafted. The best way to determine the process and cost is by initially meeting the surgeon for a consultation. At this meeting a thorough analysis of the scalp is conducted and then it is decided how much of grafting is required, the number of sessions needed and the cost. Most clinics conduct this consultation free of charge.

The cost of medical hair restoration in the UK as mentioned above will depend on the technique used and the number of grafts. Given below is a table giving a general price-range for hair transplants in the UK:
1,000 @ 2.90 £ 2,900
2,000 @ 2.90 £ 2,900
2,500 @ 2.56 £ 6,400
3,000 @ 2.43 £ 7,300
3,500 @ 2.31 £ 8,100
4,000 @ 2.30 £ 9,200
4,500 @ 2.30 £ 10,350

Medical hair restoration is not expensive; it is the best solution for the loss of hair in males as the results are natural and life-long.